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  This Web Site is for all beginners in stamp collecting regardless of age. Find out what is the smallest or largest stamp ever issued.  Check out the history of the postage stamp U.S. or foreign. How to get started. Find out what else to collect. Find out what stamps were selling for in 1896 by reading a book review on a 1896 Scott Stamp Catalog. Plus much more can be found here.

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An American Journey - travel along as stamps navigate their development route from idea, to artist’s design, to final product.
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Video of trains stamps.
I'm From Barcelona - Collection of Stamps
Stamp collection - Philately
A Cat's Stamp of Approval
What Now - Stamp Collecting
Penny Black 1840
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 What else can I collect?
Tired of just filling holes in albums? There are lots of "collectable things" available for the stamp collector.

I can come up with lots of ideas of what else to collect. Can you? Tell me what you collect that is not just filling holes in an album. I may add it to the list. email me

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"Stamp collector" or Philatelist"? Some people think a "philatelist" (fl-LAT-un-list) means someone who is an expert at "stamp collecting." That's not true! But one advantage of using the word "philately" (fl-LAT-un-lee) is that it includes all areas of the hobby -- not just stamps -- such as postal markings, postal history, postal stationery, and the postal items from the time before there were stamps, such as folded letters.

1. the collecting of stamps and other postal matter as a hobby or an investment.

2. the study of postage stamps, revenue stamps, stamped envelopes, postmarks, postal cards, covers, and similar material relating to postal or fiscal history.

"Stamps are miniature documents of human history. They are the means by which a country gives sensible expression to its hopes and needs; its beliefs and ideals. They mirror the past and presage the future. They delineate cultural attainments, industrial works, domestic, civil and social life. In a word, these vignettes give a vivid picture of the world, its occupants and their multifarious endeavors."

Francis Cardinal Spellman, c. 1950

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