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What else can I collect?

Are You A United States Civil War Buff?

Collect CDV'S= Carte de Visite (small visiting card portraits. No catalog available on this subject.)


They were also used on tintypes. But hard to find (rare) Following is one.

Front and back of card.

During the Civil War Congress passed a law to collect taxes to aid in funding the Union War effort. One of these taxes was to be applied to the relatively new fad of photography. The duties were collected on images from the years 1864 -1866. (Beginning August 1 1864) Hence if you have an image in your collection with a stamp on its reverse side you know that it had to have been taken in the years 1864, 65 or 66.

You will find these stamps on Carte-de-Visite, Albumen Prints and all forms of hard images (i.e. tintypes). The stamps are most commonly located on Carte-de-Visite (a.k.a. CDV) images, due to the fact they were by far the most popular image of the day.

Following are the tax rates...

on each picture, retail price not over 25 cents ...................... .02

over 25 cents and not over 50 cents .................................... .03

over 50 cents and not over $1 ............................................. .05

Every add'l $1, or part thereof, 5 cents more.

CDV'S are generally not expensive.  It depends on the subject. A solders head shot only, low price ($2.00 - $6.00), A solder full shot with rifle and pistol. more,. If a general full shot with hand gun , saber, Price can go thru the roof depending on the general.

What else can I collect?

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