United States Postage Stamps
A History

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United States Postage Stamps

1847 through 1947 ~ The first 100 years


The stamp was issued to commemorate the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the admission of Kentucky to the Union.

The stamp is 84/100 by 1 44/100 inches in dimension, arranged horizontally. It is printed in purple by the rotary process and issued in sheets of 50. The central design is a reproduction of the Gilbert White mural in the State Capitol at Frankfort, depicting Daniel Boone and three companions standing on a promontory and gazing across the Kentucky River to the land on the opposite shore where the city of Frankfort now lies. The design is enelosed in an arch, and in the upper left corner is the inscription "United States" in two lines. In a corresponding position in the upper right corner is the inscription "Postage "3c" also in two lines. Across the bottom of the stamp is the wording, "Sesquicentennial of the Statehood of Kentucky," with the dates "1792" and "1942" appearing in the lower left and right corners, respectively. Alllettering is in dark Gothic.

The stamp was first placed on sale at Frankfort, Kentucky, on June I, 1942.


This stamp was issued to symbolize the Nation's war effort and victory goal on the an­niversary of American Independence, and to displace, eventually, the 3-cent National Defense Stamp.

The stamp is 75/100 by 87/100 inch in dimension, arranged vertically. It is printed in purple by the rotary process and issued in sheets of 100. The central design is a repro­duction of the American eagle with wings outstretched in the form of a large V. Encircling the eagle are 13 stars, and in a curved panel with dark background, imposed on the design, is the inscription "WIN THE WAR." The denomination designation "3c" is shown in two places below the design, at the left and the right, and across the bottom of the stamp is the inscription "UNITED STATES POSTAGE." All lettering is in white Gothic.

The stamp was first placed on sale at Wash­ington, D.C., on July 4, 1942.


This stamp was issued to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the resistance of the Chinese people to Japanese aggression, and as a tribute to the efforts of China to preserve the principles of free government for its people.

The stamp is 84/100 by 1 44/100 inches in dimension, arranged horizontally. It is printed in blue by the rotary process and issued in sheets of 50. In the upper left corner, arranged in an oval frame, is a portrait of Abraham Lincoln, and in a like arrangement in the upper right corner is a portrait of Dr. Sun Yatsen, the first president of the Chinese Republic. Between the portraits is a contour map of China, on the lower edge of which is superimposed a design of the sun, with triangular rays, representing the national symbol used on the flag of China. In two horizontal lines within the sun are the dates "July 7, 1937," and "July 7, 1942," between which are four Chinese characters meaning, "Fight the War and Build the Country." Be­low the portrait of Lincoln, arranged in three lines, is the wording, "Of the people, by the people, for the people," and in a similar position under the portrait of Dr. Sun Yatsen are three columns of Chinese characters of corresponding meaning. The denomination designation "5c" is shown in the lower left corner of the stamp, to the right of which, in a horizontal line, is the wording "United States Postage." All inscriptions except those under the portraits, are in dark lettering.

The stamp was first placed on sale at Denver, Colorado, on July 7, 1942.