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Cost Of Postage Stamp

On July 1, 1847, the first postage stamp was issued by the Post Office Department. All the rates of postage stamp were merely based on the sheets present in the letter and also the distance which the message will travel.

It can be paid partially based on the delivery or in advance; it entirely depends on the writer. It marks the beginning of the postal service of United States.

Great Britain’s Sir Rowland Hill in 1837 announced the constant rate of postage for any mail going anywhere.

The rule was made that if the letter is traveling in the British Isles, then the prepayment has to be made by using the postage stamps on the envelope. These were also known as the labels.

The charge made on sending the half-ounce letters anywhere was one penny, and this is the reason why it starts becoming known as “Penny Black”. This was all about Cost Of Postage Stamp 2018.

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Three types of U.S postal stamps are there.

The first one is known as definitive stamp and merely is like the regular postage which is used for the mail sent for the common purpose. The stamps containing the errors are the essential, definitive stamp.

The name of the second one is commemorative stamps, mainly used for paying tribute to the historical figure or any of the event.

The third and the last one is a “special” type of stamp which is also used for the unique occasion like a holiday.

The sizes of the individual marks are more significant than the definitive stamps. The single patch is the symbol for showing a pop culture icon or any animal.

The most valuable and the rarest U.S stamps are the 1867 Abraham Lincoln Stamp and the 1867 Benjamin Franklin Stamp. The price of both the marks is beyond 200,000 dollars.

There are some other stamps also which are also most valuable: postage stamp of Curtiss Jenny airmail and the Declaration of Independence stamp which was issued in 1869. All these stamps are the most valuable till now in date.

It is essential to take care of the valuable stamps so that they don’t get damaged. For handling these stamps, keep the stamps on acid-free papers as it will save it from getting destroyed while wearing gloves.

The stamp tongs are available for the caring of delicate patches.

The dust particles on the stamps can be easily removed with the help of a soft brush.

Also, try storing the stamps in the place which is cool. Conclusion For Cost Of Postage Stamp 2019 All these tricks will help you to take care of you U.S Stamp.

Many of us like to collect these stamps and take care of them because it means something important in their life. This was all about Cost Of Postage Stamp 2019. Hope you have enjoyed this post.